Lesson Task – 1.1 Create a fictitious client

Foundation name: Save the Sea Byline A non-profit foundation working to «Save the sea» by fighting plastic polution and create engagement around this topic. Business concept: The average citizen has limited influence upon this topic as a lot of plastic waste are handled wrongfully by industries and insufficient waste-disposal. Profile (one paragraph on how theyFortsett å lese «Lesson Task – 1.1 Create a fictitious client»

Lesson Tasks CMS – Customizing a WordPress

As challenging as I find coding to be, CMS is the one that really gets me completely confused. It seems to be many different ways to edit the code, some more complicated than others. I ended up following one of the more complicated ways, in order to open it in dreamweaver. This project had toFortsett å lese «Lesson Tasks CMS – Customizing a WordPress»

CA08 Part 4 – Point of Sale

Part A Consider the touchpoints of your brand in general (to ensure that all the elements work together) and then focus on your packaging. Design a set of Point of Sale elements that will promote your product in-store. The set can consist of however many elements you choose. It can be in any format thatFortsett å lese «CA08 Part 4 – Point of Sale»

CA08 Part 3 – Packaging Design

1. ExplorationUse sketching techniques to draw thumbnails and hand in your thumbnails as scanned PDFs. Not a big fan of sketching for the sake of sketching when I already know what I want to make. This would naturally be different with an actual client, with specific wishes that I have to take into consideration. 2.Fortsett å lese «CA08 Part 3 – Packaging Design»

CA08 Part 2 – Visual Language

Illustration of Infographic The brochure design and infographic illustration should work together. Consider the format and style of your brochure and illustrate an infographic using fictitious data (or you could do research to get a better idea of actual statistics). The infographic must display the nutritious benefit of your product to dogs. It should containFortsett å lese «CA08 Part 2 – Visual Language»

CA08 Part 1 – Creative Workflow

Exploration – Use sketching techniques to draw thumbnails and hand in your thumbnails as scanned PDFs. I researched other logos to see if I could find some inspiration to my own, but a lot of the logos simply have a picture of a dog or a graphic element completely unrelated to dogs/or cats (Insert purinaFortsett å lese «CA08 Part 1 – Creative Workflow»

Lesson Task – Market your website

Let’s say that your budget is NOK 10 000 (or 1800 $ US). Please do the following: Do some research on what advertising costs. You could for instance contact your local newspaper, print shop and other websites. Make a detailed list of how you would market your website. Remember to keep your budget in mind.Fortsett å lese «Lesson Task – Market your website»

Lesson Task – Studio Lighting

Portrait: Loop Lighting Draw a studio setup for a portrait. The setup i then chose, and a fairly simple yet flattering one, was loop lighting where you create a slight, interesting shadow on the face, creating a sort of oval frame. I later tried this technique in a studio myself. And please excuse the roughtFortsett å lese «Lesson Task – Studio Lighting»

Lesson Task – Put Thought Into Your Design

Design a 5-page website or blog to promote your hometown (or any other place if you so choose). Present your design along with a strategy that explains the decisions you’ve made during the design process (keep the six steps mentioned in the lesson Web Design Process: Designing for Web (part 2) in mind). Remember, it’s important forFortsett å lese «Lesson Task – Put Thought Into Your Design»